GameJack 6.0

Emulates game DRM protection to bypass it
Play online and offline downloadable games without using system resources on DRM support. The suite bypasses standard license protection protocols like VOB Protect CD, StarForce 1 & 2, SafeDisc and Securom by emulating their standard processes and launches the game clients directly.

Copies and/or emulates all major game copy protection methods, plus it does cope with the more tricky ones, such as VOB Protect CD, StarForce 1 & 2, the latest SafeDisc and Securom! Copies single-layer DVD's, even Playstation 2 (the PSX 2 needs a Modchip!). New is the integrated game starter. This functions allows it, to play copy protected games without using a CD/DVD in your drive - without "No CD Crack" or something like this. GameJack 5 offers an integrated copy protection scanner and support the famous DPM, RMPS and RAW Copy Mode.NEW: Now GameJack 5 offers an integrated copy protection scanner. We don't deliever anymore the outdated ClonyXXL with our software.
Available languages: English,German & Spanish.

If you still use Windows 98/ME, we recommend using GameJack 4:

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